Bellevue Indoor Range is the Pacific Northwest’s premier public indoor range. Open from 10am-10pm everyday, the pistol range is available to everyone from fearful first-timers to veteran marksman.

If it’s your first time, familiarize yourself with our range etiquette and get a head start on the Range Safety Agreement Form to get shooting faster.

The Range offers a regular selection of classes with friendly and concise instructors.

Regular patrons might consider membership at Bellevue Indoor Range, where members can shoot rifles up to .308 (7.62×51) and shotguns.


All rentals at Bellevue Indoor Range are until close of business that day.  Come in early, have lunch with your shooting partner and check back in for no extra charge (just keep your receipt).

  • Lane Rental (Sunday-Friday):  $15
  • Guest Fee (Sunday-Friday):  $10
  • Lane Rental (Saturday):  $20
  • Guest Fee (Saturday):  $15
  • Single Rifle Bay Use:  $40  (Counts toward membership!  Ask your Range Officer for details.)

We offer a wide selection of rentals with over 150 handguns in most calibers and a dozen pistol-chambered rifles.  Rentals weapons must use range ammo from Bellevue Indoor Range.  Range ammo prices vary based on market conditions.

  • Single Handgun Rental:  $10
  • Select Caliber Handgun Rental:  $15
  • All Handguns Rental:  $20
  • Single Rifle Rental:  $25
  • All Rifles Rental:  $50