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Soon after graduation from Pacific Lutheran University in 1988, I began my career in the firearms business. Starting with only $300 and investing a huge amount of work, I slowly built up enough inventory over the next couple years to open Wade's Eastside Gun Shop in a small, 500 square foot retail space on NE 8th in Bellevue, Washington.

I still have many customers from that time who remember buying, selling, and trading all kinds of firearms with me. I soon began shooting seriously and getting training from local and nationally recognized firearms trainers. I had learned marksmanship and, more importantly, firearms safety from my grandfather but I wanted to expand my shooting skills to a higher level.

From the start, I wanted to share my love of firearms and the shooting sports with other people, not just friends and family, but everyday people who were interested in firearms but didn't know where to start.

The range

Bellevue Indoor Range at Wade's Eastside Guns is the Pacific Northwest’s premier public indoor range.

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In 1995, after 5 years at that small location on NE 8th in downtown Bellevue, I bought property on Bellevue-Redmond Road and built the building that would house both Wade’s Eastside Gun Shop and the new Wade’s Bellevue Indoor Range.

Now, in one centrally located, easy to find location, people from all walks of life could buy quality firearms and accessories, and shoot them in the range. You didn't need to drive out in the woods somewhere in our mostly rainy Washington weather to enjoy some target practice. There was now a CLEAN and SAFE shooting range close to Seattle, the Eastside, and the surrounding Puget Sound area. Wade's Bellevue Indoor Range was brightly lit, heated and air-conditioned, and had safe modern shooting stalls and automated target carriers.

Wade's also had a friendly, knowledgeable staff to make your day at the range fun, exciting, and a great learning experience. We started offering classes from basic firearms safety and marksmanship to higher level training and of course private instruction tailored to each student’s skill level and goals.

Wade's Eastside Gun Shop and Bellevue Indoor Range was wildly successful over the years and in 2008 I began planning to DOUBLE the size of the shooting range and get rid of the dirt berm we had been using for a bullet trap. I also wanted to upgrade my air handling system to cutting-edge technology.

In 2012 that massive project began and, while trying at times, it has resulted in Wade's Bellevue Indoor Range becoming yet again the leader in CLEANLINESS, SAFETY, and shooter COMFORT. My customers and staff work and shoot in the safest and cleanest facility I can offer them. We also now have private shooting booths for those discerning shooters who want the very best shooting experience offered anywhere.

Come check out Wade's Bellevue Indoor Range and Wade's Eastside Gun Shop and see for yourself how great an experience we can give you. Whether you are new to shooting, a skilled professional, or somewhere in between, everyone can find something to enjoy.

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