Did you know suppressors are legal to own and use in Washington State?

We are an experienced NFA & Class III Dealer

The reason why thousands of people have bought NFA items from us is because we’ve streamlined the entire process to remove all the mystery and confusion that normally deters people from acquiring the products they need.

Many people prefer to put their NFA items in a trust, rather than owning them as an individual.  The advantage is, if anything happens to you, they can be passed on to a beneficiary.  Without a trust, ownership reverts to your local police department.

When you buy a suppressor or short-barreled rifle with us, we provide trust paperwork to you at no additional cost. Not only do you not need a hundred-page trust to get the job done, but we have actually seen excessively complicated trusts be rejected by the ATF. Our straight-forward no-nonsense revocable living trust has been successfully utilized by the vast majority of our customers, and is just one of the advantages to choosing Wade's Eastside Gun Shop for all your NFA needs. 

Come on in and let us guide you through the process.