Posted by Eric Montgomery on November 16, 2017

If you've spent even five minutes on the internet researching carry pistols, then you already know that the Glock 19 is the single most popular defensive sidearm in the world. This compact chunk of plastic and metal has become the reference standard by which all other defensive handguns are judged, and for good reason. The Glock 19C embodies everything that makes the standard model so desirable, but takes the design to the next level by incorporating a ported (compensated) barrel. 


Porting the barrel of a handgun redirects some of the expanding gasses out the top of the slide. This counteracts the pistol’s proclivity to flip backwards under recoil, and results in a handgun that shoots so flat that I can maintain my sight picture all the way through the recoil impulse. The advantage that this provides for rapid accurate follow-up shots is something that you have to experience to fully appreciate.

Slow Motion Rapid Fire

Four rounds on target in 0.475 seconds

15rds to Center of Mass in 2.4 seconds