Incoming Transfer

Every transfer requires the payment of Washington state retail sales tax, regardless of where it was purchased, in accordance with RCW 82.12.040(1). Washington state views this as a use tax. The customer must provide a copy of the sales invoice from the dealer to determine this tax amount.

  • A minimum $25 fee will be charged in cases where an invoice is not provided by the customer or transferor and/or when a signed dealer to dealer transfer policy has not been completed prior to the arrival of a transfer.
  • Wade’s Eastside Gun Shop prefers firearms from current FFL holders. if it is shipped from an individual, not through a FFL, we require identification from the shipper, and prior notification.
  • Wade’s Eastside Gun Shop is not responsible for damage that occurs during the shipping process. damage claims are the responsibility of the intended transferee, not Wade’s, and should be directed to the carrier. (USPS, UPS, FedEx)
  • Wade’s Eastside Gun Shop is not responsible for firearms received that do not meet expectations of quality, grade or condition. Shipping charges and a transfer charge will apply for returned items.
  • When shipping a firearm, please insure your firearm(s) appropriately.
  • Firearms shipped to and received by Wade’s Eastside Gun Shop will be available within two business days of their receipt, barring improper transfers, missing contact info, a copy of the shippers identification and/or FFL or invoice. Packages are processed in the order they are received.
  • All Washington state and federal regulations and rules regarding the purchase or transfer of firearms apply. To include any state and/or federal wait periods after successful completion of ATF 4473 and/or state required forms.
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Customer Information for Receiving a Transfer:
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Shipping From:
Must be from a FFL, or shipment must include a clear valid copy of the identification for the person sending the firearm. ID must show photo, name, address, and state ID #. Additional fees will apply if either of these options is not complete.
Due to ATF requirements and past due issues of contacting the shipper, the below information is required to receive any firearms.
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Receiving a Firearm from FFL Dealer:
$49.99 transfer fee per firearm. This includes firearms that are NOT currently in stock or readily available for order by Wade's, heirloom items and pre-owned firearms. Invoices for the firearm(s) and shipping cost are required by the customer or transfer *
$49.99 transfer fee with an additional 10% fee based on Wade's retail price of the firearm(s) for transfer of any firearms that ARE currently in stock or readily available for order by Wade's. *
$99.99 transfer fee for NFA item. *
By entering your name below, you agree to accept the listed terms and conditions listed at the start of this form, and accept responsibility for filing, maintenance, and disposition of any damage claims.
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